Senior Animator

2D Animator

Job description

As a 2D Animator, you are responsible for the creation of 2D animations from characters to 2D visual effects and you report to the Art Director to maintain quality and style.

Job Specification

  • With strong foundation in colors, shapes, anatomy, composition and perspective
  • With vast and thorough experience in Photoshop, Flash and After Effects
  • Must have experience using Spine
  • With a good understanding of limited animation
  • Must be able to work with deadlines
  • Must be able to work with continuous feedback
  • With great oral and written communication skills in English
  • A team player who can work with other Artists and Animators
  • Experience in animating symbols, icons and logos or something similar is a plus
  • Problem solving skills when it comes to technical animation is a plus
  • Knowledge on other animated softwares such as Spine, PixiJS, texture packer, etc. is a plus