Product Development

Bringing ideas to reality with constant development of conceptual product and turning them into opportunities for our alliances.

IT Infrastructure Support

Providing constant 24/7 network monitoring services and ensuring a secure, rapid and reliable connectivity for our product end-users

Research and Development

Thorough and rigorous studying of businesses and client requirements in order to give birth to new and better product offerings and services

Who We Are

Blueline Active Asia is an enterprise technology start-up with offices in the heart of Makati Business District in the Philippines.

Combining Advanced Infrastructure and state of the art High Technology with industry-best Workforce, Blueline Active Asia is set ultimately to deliver only exceptional products and services to our growing number of global clients and alliances.

Our Team

We've given life to the greatest IT kin the industry could ever see. And we are dedicated to reinventing and innovating your digital life.

Our Mission

To bring forward Advanced Infrastructure along with Innovation and IT solutions while promoting Team Member Empowerment in the Workplace

Our Vision

To be the top-of-mind IT Solutions Provider in the region and beyond


Creativity & Innovation

Our constant dedication and efforts to evolve to higher technology and seamlessly apply it to every offering are vital parts of our framework.

Excellence & Expertise

Topnotch talent, diverse experience and industry-specific skill set compose our DNA.

High Performance

We deliver only best performance.

Cups of tea
Happy clients

What we do best


Join Our Team

- Get the Blueline Active Asia's DNA for Excellence and Expertise
- Have a supportive Blueline Active Asia Family to encourage you to come up with new and effective ideas
- Experience new challenges with ever-evolving projects and tasks that are truly a test of one's flexibility and potential
- Get paid at above industry-standard rate with enticing benefits and health package
- Experience being taken care of like a family - we got your back.

Nice to meet you too

Customers love our work!

Want to know why?

What our employees have to say

Technical Art Director (3D)
I've always lived and believed in this motto "Take good care of your company and the company will take good care of you". Having extensive experience with a lot of companies both locally and internationally I can honestly say that Blueline Active Asia is definetely one of those very rare companies that takes pride and care with their employees. The company did really well in adapting to the pandemic and is very flexible which is favorable to the employees. Working here has given me a lot of freedom to adjust, adapt and grow while having fun with my job. A lot of amazing talents gathered all over the world can be found in this company with a common goal of being the best in what they do. I love my job! and you will too 🙂 so come and join Blueline Active Asia today! Lets Shine together! You might just be the next super star!
QA Prod Tester
The company is a high-tech enterprise with diversified employees and a wide range of customers. The company has a technical team composed of excellent and senior IT experts. The company's system is complete and standardized, and the company's employees consciously abide by it. The employees are noble in appearance, neatly dressed, hardworking and proactive. The company has a strong culture of caring for employees and their families which have been carried out consistently. The company promotes the growth of employees, in line with the "people-oriented" management concept, by giving importance to the development and utilization of talents. The organizational structure of the company is clear, the division of labor is clear and the leadership is outstanding which result to employees being able to perform their duties at their best.
QA Prod Tester
Most cherished moments happen when Blueline Active Asia, Family gets together during special events. Having your name called during Major Prizes draw lots will give you goosebumps and excitement.
DevOps Engineer
Blueline Active Asia, is one great IT Service Provider. It has given me an opportunity to work with skilled and accomplished colleagues. Employees are well taken case of by promoting work/life balance and by encouraging a healthy work environment. Leaders provide positive corporate culture and motivate us to be productive at all times.
Web Developer
“I’ve always wanted to join a company that will not only make use of my skills, but will also contribute in honing it. Here at Blueline Active Asia I get to experience different challenges from project to project that allows me to be more innovative and resourceful in creating solutions. Also, our working environment is very diverse, but Blueline Active Asia was able to establish a people-centric, and warm culture that makes our work days fun!”
Front End Developer
Working with a topnotch IT Service Provider is a blessing for me and the rest of my colleagues, Blueline Active Asia makes sure that everyone is safe while maintaining its employees' high morale amid pandemic. Trainings and employee development activities are also in place which give everyone the opportunity to improve and make sure everyone feel valued. Starting a day here in Blueline Active Asia is not just like a typical working day. You know there is something new you'll learn and will be able to contribute, your thoughts and ideas are heard and your hard work is greatly appreciated.
Web Designer
"I'm proud to be one of Blueline Active Asia's employees. The exceptional knowledge transfer across the project's various streams aided not only me, but also other employees. I'm grateful to work in an environment that encourages us to reach the next level."
Business Analyst
Being part of Blueline Active Asia, I am able to utilize my skills, apply latest programming techniques/patterns and explore possibilities to provide better services to our clients. Our Leaders give us the opportunity to improve areas due for enhancement. They examine our proposals, understand our learning curve and appreciate the result of our hard work. The Management listens to our recommendations and execute whenever necessary. Blueline Active Asia, is generous in many ways and appreciates each and everyone's value, which gives me enough reason to stay.
Senior Developer
Working in a company of talented individuals has given me a high sense of work satisfaction, which is further reinforced by the company’s commitment to support us in delivering optimum solutions for our clients while enabling professional growth and skills development. This is made possible by our access to emerging technologies in systems development and effective tools that get the job done. It has allowed me to work efficiently and maintain a healthy work-life balance. I give premium to the company culture of strong work ethics, positive attitude, and an atmosphere of fun in the workplace.

Why Us?

We have formed a kin of industry-best IT professionals. Backed with Blueline Active Asia’s perseverance for advanced and high technology and the Management Team’s continuous support for Research, Learning and Development for the entire Blueline Active Asia Family, we are habitually on the lookout for high caliber individuals who are unstoppable at achieving best cases and are willing to embrace the Blueline Active Asia DNA for Excellence and Expertise.

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