Data Scientist

Job Description

  • Uses strong business acumen and communicates findings and mines vast amount of data for useful insights
  • Uses these insights to influence the organization in approaching business challenges
  • Uses a combined knowledge of Computer Science, Applications, Modelling, Statistics, Analytics and Math to solve problems
  • Extracts data from multiple sources
  • Sifts and analyzes data from multiple angles and looks for trends that highlight problems or opportunities
  • Communicates important information and insights to business and IT leaders
  • Makes recommendations to adapt existing business strategies

Job Specifications

  • With more than five (5) years proven track record in the field
  • With Master/PhD degree in a quantitative field like Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science, Engineering or related fields and with Excellent Academic Record (>90);
  • With good working knowledge in SQL language for data extraction
  • With good working knowledge in a wide range of machine learning methods and algorithms for classification, regression, clustering, and others
  • With good Statistical analysis skills – e.g. hypothesis testing, estimation theory and Mathematical skills
  • With expert knowledge in at least one modelling language: R or Python
  • Experienced in dealing with end to end machine learning projects: data exploration, feature engineering/definition, model building, performance evaluation and helps in implementation