DevOps Engineer

Job Specifications

  • With more than three (3) years proven track record in the field
  • Must have good grasp of heterogeneous environments and be OS/Distribution agnostic
  • Experienced in managing servers in Data Center environments as well as in the Cloud (AWS, Alicloud, GCP, etc.)
  • With strong work experience in Chef, Puppet or similar provisioning systems
  • With In-depth knowledge of Web Application Stacks (Nginx, PHP, NoSQL, IIS, .Net and Memcached)
  • Understands protocols/technologies (HTTP, SSL, JDBC, Servlet/JSP, SQL, HTML, JSON and XML)
  • With good grasp of process automation (Bash, Make, Ant, Capistrano and Dpkg)
  • With the ability to code is a major plus (PHP, JS, Node, Obj-C, Swift, Python, .Net or Java)
  • With Virtualization/Containerization skills are a plus (KVM, Docker or Hyper-V)